British newspaper The Times praises the renaissance of Torremolinos

British newspaper The Times praises the renaissance of Torremolinos

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A travel writer for the publication has noted the positive change in the town, reporting that it has gone "from tacky to arty"

Marina Rivas


Friday, 24 March 2023

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Malaga city is the subject of numerous international listings and articles in magazines around the globe, but it is not so common for a newspaper as long-established and renowned as The Times to focus on a specific town in the province. But now, this acclaimed British title, founded in 1785, has published an extensive report in which travel writer, Stephen Emms, recounted his surprising and positive visit to Torremolinos.

The journalist explained that he is a regular visitor to Malaga city, which is one of his favourite cities, however, he pointed out that he had never before considered visiting Torremolinos and that he did not hesitate to do so this time, as he had heard about its recent regeneration. He found that, like Lanzarote and Benidorm, Torremolinos has gone "from tacky to arty".

He delved a little into the tourist history of the Costa del Sol town, recalling its moment of international expansion between the 50s and 60s, but he also notes that from the 90s onwards, its popularity plummeted. So the writer was delighted to see that Torremolinos pays homage to some of the famous faces that visited, such as Frank Sinatra, Brigitte Bardot and Salvador Dalí, with murals. He also noted the political mural in Pasaje Begoña, which references the Francoist crackdown on the pioneering gay bars.

The writer highlighted the friendly atmosphere, the gastronomic offering, the good climate and the harmony between shopkeepers and tourists. He also highlighted the harmony that Torremolinos manages to create between the busiest tourist areas, with the small corners and alleys, even in the area of the Carihuela.

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