Councillor Juan Olea L. Cádiz
Benalmádena town hall calls on Junta to relax water restrictions after Easter downpours
Drought crisis

Benalmádena town hall calls on Junta to relax water restrictions after Easter downpours

More flexibility would help businesses, especially those in the gardening and swimming pool sectors which are facing layoffs, to benefit from the increase in water reserves in Malaga province's reservoirs

Lorena Cádiz


Wednesday, 3 April 2024, 21:52


A Benalmádena councillor is calling on the Junta to relax bans on filling private swimming pools this summer following last month's rains which left extra reserves in the province's reservoirs.

Councillor with a responsibility for water Juan Olea said businesses, especially in the gardening and swimming pool sector, deserve a chance to benefit from the increase in water reserves. "The summer is a very important time of work for these companies, linked to tourism and which are having a very hard time with the current restrictions," he added, pointing out many of the companies are from Benalmádena.

"We are asking for flexibility, but not at the municipal level, with the measures we have taken to save water and use recycled water, we are saved, but we are asking for flexibility for the companies that are facing layoffs due to the lack of activity," Olea said.

According to Olea, recent rains allowed La Concepción reservoir in Marbella, which supplies Benalmádena, to exceed 55% of its capacity, to which then must be added to the municipality's aquifers. "The technicians have told us that this water will take around five or six months to reach these aquifers, so we cannot yet know the full extent of this rainfall, but it will allow us to face the summer in a calmer way," Olea said.

He said the way forward is "to continue with good management of the water resources we have, to promote and consolidate the saving measures that have been decided on during various meetings with experts in the city council, to prevent leaks and to continue promoting awareness campaigns among the public," Olea added.

"We want to convey to the Benalmadena people that this council, like the neighbouring municipalities on the Costa del Sol, is waiting for the meetings of the drought committees of the regional government to see what situation the restrictions will be now, but we are still in a difficult situation," he said. Nighttime cuts in water supply and pressure are expected to continue.

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