Watch as Costa del Sol waiters get competitive and put on a sprint

There were prizes for the participants who passed the finish line with most water still in their glass during the race in Nerja which formed part of the town's feria celebrations

Eugenio Cabezas


Tuesday, 10 October 2023, 21:49

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Carrying a tray full of drinks without spilling any and avoiding customers as well as colleagues takes a huge amount of strength, skill and coordination. Some 60 Costa del Sol waiters showed off their talents on Monday 9 October at the first ever waiters’ race, which formed part of the programme for Nerja’s Feria which runs until Thursday 12 October.

The race started next to the Balcón de Europa and finished on Calle Almirante Ferrándiz; a distance of around 600 metres. The participants, a mixture of men and women, had to carry a tray with two cups and three glasses of varying sizes filled with water, as well as a can of soft drink. All the participating waiters were dressed in black trousers, black shoes and the shirt of the establishment where they work.

Competitors had to finish the course in just under four minutes. The winner wasn’t the first over the line, but the person who had the most amount of water still in the containers at the end.

First place went to Juan Linares from the Plaza Cavana café, who won a cash prize of 600 euros. Daniel Rodríguez from the restaurant Paco El Churretero was the runner-up, winning 400 euros. Third place went to José Luis Flores from Gloria Bendita restaurant, who won 200 euros. Fourth place went to Alejandro García from La Tasquita and fifth place to Joaquín Heredia, from the cafetería Itálica, who both won 75 euros.

41 year-old Linares has been working as a waiter for more than 25 years. A football and athletics fan, Linares emphasised that it is not only necessary to be in good shape, but that carrying a tray of drinks requires a great deal of skill.

Residents and visitors watch the waiters during the race E. Cabezas
Imagen principal - Residents and visitors watch the waiters during the race
Imagen secundaria 1 - Residents and visitors watch the waiters during the race
Imagen secundaria 2 - Residents and visitors watch the waiters during the race

Carmen Centurión, 23, who works at Tamareo pub on Plaza Tutti-Frutti was one of the ten women taking part. "I had a great time, it was an incredible experience. I dropped a glass, I could have gone faster, but I didn't want to finish without any liquid", she said after crossing the finish line.

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