One of the 42 new containers being installed in Vélez-Málaga and Torre del Mar / sur

Vélez-Málaga, first town on the Costa with a fifth container for organic waste

The town hall has installed the first units, half of which are in Vélez and the other half in Torre del Mar

Eugenio Cabezas

Vélez-Málaga has become the first town in Malaga province to have a fifth rubbish container exclusively for organic waste. The new brown container will be obligatory throughout Spain in 2024 and it has already been introduced in other regions including Madrid and the Basque Country.

In addition to the familiar yellow (plastics and cartons), green (glass), blue (paper and cardboard) and grey containers (‘the rest’, where everything else that can't be recycled is deposited), a brown container for organic waste has been in use since last week. Food waste such as fruit, fish bones, plants, eggshells or leftovers, napkins and used kitchen paper should be disposed of in this container.

The announcement about the introduction of a fifth container was made in June. Vélez-Málaga’s councillor for the Environment, Antonio Ariza, said that the containers had already been provided to hotel and catering businesses, with a view to introducing them to residential areas later on in the year.

The containers have now been installed alongside other bins on roads in Vélez and Torre del Mar. The collection timetable is from 7am to 2pm. In total, 42 containers will be installed; half of them in Velez-Malaga and half in Torre del Mar (Parque del Este, SUP T-12 and the promenade).

Ariza said in a statement, "This is a pioneering project in our town, which will be the first in the province to incorporate it.” He went on to say that the brown bin “will be compulsory for regions and local authorities from 2024."