Archive image of the Andalucía Park in Vélez-Málaga. E. Cabezas
Local Police help save life of two-year-old boy who suffered heat stroke on the Costa del Sol

Local Police help save life of two-year-old boy who suffered heat stroke on the Costa del Sol

The two officers in Vélez-Malaga, one of them a trainee, attended to the young child until an ambulance arrived

Eugenio Cabezas


Tuesday, 22 August 2023, 15:40

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Two Local Police officers have saved the life of a two-year-old boy after he suffered heatstroke while playing at a park in Vélez-Málaga.

It happened about 1pm on Friday 18 August, the same day a yellow alert had been issued for the area due to the risk of temperatures reaching up to 40C. The child's family, originally from Madrid, were spending their holidays at the resort on Axarquia coast of the Costa del Sol, and enjoying some time at Andalucía Park when the heat became too much for the boy to handle.

He collapsed beside his twin brother next to the children's playground, and his parents quickly phoned 112, who then contacted police. A patrol car was quickly dispatched to the scene. The officers, one with 25 years' experience in the police force and the other, a young man who has just joined the force and is still in training, arrived at the scene to find the father had completely undressed the child and was pouring some water over his head. The policemen then began to soak cloths in water and pressed them against the boy's body.

"His pulse was very weak and he was barely breathing. He was unconscious, as if in a coma," the veteran officer told SUR. He also praised the young officer who was by his side and said he "showed great maturity and knowledge". "Little by little we recovered him, he started to cry, but fainted again. He was convulsing," the officer added.

Family thanks quick-thinking officers

Before the emergency ambulance arrived, the child had regained consciousness, but he was very weak. Medics managed to stabilise him and transferred him to the Hospital Comarcal de la Axarquía. He remained there for almost a day until he was discharged. Doctors confirmed that he had suffered from heat stroke. The family went to the Local Police headquarters to thank the two officers and the medical services for their quick action.

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