Emergency work is under way to clear the landslide on the road between Vallejos and Macharaviaya in the Axarquía. SUR
Six families cut off by landslide in Malaga province after heavy rain at Easter

Six families cut off by landslide in Malaga province after heavy rain at Easter

Macharaviaya town hall is working to urgently repair the only asphalted road that connects the hamlet of Vallejos with the main village, which is four kilometres long

Eugenio Cabezas


Wednesday, 3 April 2024, 13:08


The heavy rains that fell across Malaga province over Easter have left six families in the hamlet of Vallejos, which belongs to Macharaviaya in the Axarquia on the eastern side of Malaga province, completely cut off since Sunday 31 March. The rains caused a landslide on the only tarmac road that connects them to the main village.

Mayor of Macharaviaya Antonio Campos told SUR that he was confident that the road would be ready "within a maximum of 48 hours". However, he explained to this newspaper that the town hall "has adapted an alternative route, by lanes, which is not much longer, but it is more dangerous".

The town hall posted information about the landslide on social media on Tuesday 2 April which stated that emergency works were being carried out to restore the main road access to the hamlet of Vallejos. The statement said, "It is hoped that during the course of today the road will be provisionally reestablished on this crucial route".

The statement went on to say that municipal services had been working "without rest" on the repair of the road since Sunday and thanked residents for their "patience and understanding" while this emergency work is being carried out. "We will keep all residents and visitors informed of any relevant updates, thank you," the statement said.

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