Anton Jensen with the castle he is building in Torrox Costa e. cabezas
Danish artist builds his second castle on the Costa del Sol

Danish artist builds his second castle on the Costa del Sol

Anton Jensen who lives in El Morche is creating another miniature fortification by the sea in Torrox Costa after building his first one Vélez-Málaga in 2021

Tuesday, 10 January 2023, 15:00


Just a few metres from what is known as Piedra la Virgen, opposite the Calaceite urbanisation in Torrox Costa, for the last two weeks, for eight to ten hours a day, 44-year-old Dane, Anton Jensen, has been immersed in his latest artistic challenge. The resident of El Morche (Torrox) has built his second small castle on rocks by the sea, using stones from the beach, cement, iron, bricks and wood.

He finished his first masterpiece, el Castillo del Búho (the owl’s castle), in October 2021 in Lagos, (Vélez-Málaga), the and since then it has become one of the most photographed spots along the Axarquía coastline.

Following this success, Anton, who says he’s in love with the Axarquia "for the climate and the people", started building his second miniature castle on 21 December 2022. "I like to make castles and other sculptures, of motorbikes and animals, but these are my first outdoor works," he explains.

Larger than the first one

This new castle will be slightly larger than the first; about 1.5 metres in diameter and 70 centimetres high. "It is going to have eight towers, five on the ground floor and three on the top. The one in Lagos only had four on one floor,” he says about the work that he hopes to have finished in about two months’ time.

Although Anton did not ask for official permission nor notify Vélez-Málaga town hall before starting the first castle, he says that so far he has had no problems with the local authority. However, on this occasion, Jensen says he wrote to Torrox town hall and received a reply a few days later, authorising him to carry out the work.

"I would love to be able to do a third one in Nerja; it is a very touristy place and there are very big and very good rocks, which are perfect for making this type of castle," says Jensen, who works with background music through a speaker connected by 'bluetooth' to his mobile phone. "It relaxes me, and so does the sound of the waves in the sea," he says.

Jensen has already thought of the name for the El Morche castle, but does not want to reveal it until it is finished and the sign above the main door is put in place. For that, fans of his work will have to wait about two months and have patience, just like this meticulous Danish artist.

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