One of the sausages that was found in Torre de Benagalbón. / SUR

Pet owners alerted to needles hidden in sausages danger

A Rincón de la Victoria resident and police have found several of the potentially lethal baits for animals

Eugenio Cabezas

A Rincón de la Victoria resident has alerted other pet owners to the presence of sausages pierced with needles, on a residential development in the town.

The dog owner took to social media to raise the alarm about the dangerous baits for animals in Torre de Benagalbón, and also reported the discovery to police officers.

It is not the first time that sausages filled with needles and pins have been found in the town, with the consequent risk to the lives of pets, especially dogs. But the latest incident was reported on the Añoreta Golf development, in the Echeverria Phase 1 residential complex in Torre de Benagalbón.

“Someone put needles inside sausages. My dog ate one. Luckily, he expelled the needle in the faeces," posted the social media user, Hugo RD, who said he reported the incident to the Local Police and the Guardia Civil.

“They came and we found more sausages with needles hidden in the undergrowth," he explained.

'Animals have died'

The dog owner said that he had heard other pet lovers have been affected and claimed "there are even reports of animals that have died."

He called for the public’s help to the locate the person or persons responsible and asked, "If you have recordings or photos of those responsible, please call the Guardia Civil to show them the evidence and report the facts, so that the culprits can be brought to trial."