Mangoes growing on the hillsides of Malaga province. / sur

Mangoes from Malaga province to have their guarantee of quality and origin

The Axarquía is the biggest production area in Europe for the sub-tropical fruit


A label that guarantees quality and place of origin: farmers and the Malaga provincial authority (Diputación de Malaga) are working on creating a ‘Mango from Malaga’ brand for this sub-tropical fruit which is mostly grown in La Axarquía region of Andalucía, the biggest production area in Europe. The aim is to distinguish this fruit from others through a type of Denomination of Origin.

The new label, which was the idea of the Spanish Tropical Fruits Association (AET), has the backing of the Diputación’s Sabor a Malaga promotional brand and will enable national and international markets to identify the mangos of Malaga, which are unique for their particularly delicious taste.

Promotional campaign

At present the Diputación is involved in a campaign to promote the mangoes of the Axarquía with numerous events including agriculture, gastronomy, tourism and sport. One is the Mangolf campaign which began on 8 October and will continue until 23rd, including gastronomy days, visits to mango plantations, a golf tournament, a photo contest and educational activities in schools.

The mango harvest began in Malaga province a few weeks ago, and the Asaja young farmers’ association says the quality is extremely high despite this year’s fruit being slightly smaller due to the high temperatures by day and night in the summer. Asaja believes the harvest will be a bit bigger this year than it was last year, when about 28,000 tonnes of mangoes were picked and put on sale.