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Irish TV show heads to Nerja in search of property bargains

Irish TV show heads to Nerja in search of property bargains

Presenter Maggie Molloy and a film crew flew to the Costa del Sol to help a couple find their dream home for the RTÉ show Cheap European Homes

Alekk M. Saanders


Friday, 1 March 2024, 15:07


After three successful seasons of Cheap Irish Homes, a television programme produced by Irish national broadcaster (RTÉ) following home-hunters, presenter Maggie Molloy is now on a mission to help people find their dream homes in Europe.

This week she visited the Costa del Sol with an Irish couple, hoping to find them a dream home in Malaga province for the second season of the popular spin-off show, Cheap European Homes.

Some years ago, RTÉ, along with presenter Maggie Molloy and her co-host building engineer Kieran McCarthy, began airing a show about how young couples were seeking out affordable and inspiring houses around Ireland.

The aim of the project was to enable young people to find homes around the country that were low enough in price that they could move into straight away without major renovations.

In an interview with RTÉ Lifestyle Maggie Molloy said: "I think with house prices rising and even materials rising, when it comes to renovations, it's really just the value that's more important to us than anything to make sure that we're not pushing people into tackling large projects if it's something that's outside their comfort zone."

In the new project, Molloy follows a similar format to Cheap Irish Homes, sourcing the best value-for-money homes for potential owners across Europe. In the latest six-part series, the presenter will be trying to find cheap properties for various individuals and couples to set up a life overseas.

Maggie will be travelling through Portugal, France, and Spain. In each place she will be joined by a local architect who will advise on the condition of the houses, renovation options, local planning and tax laws. This week one of the episodes was filmed on the Costa del Sol.

The aim of the visit to the Costa del Sol was to enlist Maggie Molloy's help to find the prospective Irish couple a low-cost home to move and thereby to make a fresh start in Spain. The TV crew were spotted in Nerja at restaurant El Rincón, where the presenter was having dinner with the young couple looking to buy a house in the sun in their dream country.

Hidden gems

Over a table filled with typical Andalusian dishes, they discussed the hidden gems they were shown around Nerja and Frigiliana, and the pros and cons of the houses they had seen. According to the television show's format, house-hunters are taken to three separate properties - some of them need extensive work, while others are in walk-in condition.

"This new season of the show will premiere on RTÉ around the start of 2025," Etienne Herblot from the production crew told SUR in English.

"It was a rush; we had a lot of work during our week of filming but we all enjoyed the Costa del Sol very much," he added.

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