The Totalán stream has always been seen as the boundary between Rincón and Malaga / sur

Green light to restart modifications to boundaries with Malaga

Rincón de la Victoria town hall has unanimously ratified an agreement to prevent 55,000 square metres, including buildings and the football pitch in La Cala del Moral, from belonging to Malaga city


Rincón de la Victoria town hall has this Friday unanimously approved a proposal from the Mayor's Office to initiate the procedure to alter the municipal boundaries of Rincón de la Victoria and Malaga. This procedure consists of initiating a procedure to alter the boundary line between the town and Malaga city.

"There is a distortion in the boundaries between Rincón de la Victoria and Malaga. In 2012, the Junta de Andalucía revised the boundaries and recovered the 1873 land demarcation act. At the time, both councils opposed this and raised allegations, but they were rejected. Since then, both authorities have been trying to resolve this problem," explained the town planning councillor, Miguel Ángel Jiménez.

The boundary between the two towns has always been understood to run along the Arroyo de Totalán (Totalán stream), but with this 1873 reclamation, the line was moved to the left of its bank. This meant that approximately 55,000 square metres of what was considered Rincón was moved to Malaga. Of these, 5,000 were urban land.

"This meant that existing buildings were split in half, half belonging to Malaga, half to Rincón de la Victoria. It also happened with plots of land. This has generated problems from a tax and economic point of view, as well as urban planning problems for the neighbours," argued mayor of Rincón de la Victoria, Francisco Salado.

Among these buildings is the football pitch in La Cala del Moral, which, if the 2012 demarcation is maintained, would belong to Malaga. "We cannot approve a general plan that does not recognise its boundaries. There are a number of neighbours and developers who are asking us for licences in that area and we cannot legally grant them because it belongs to Malaga," insisted Jiménez.

Pending procedures

The work of this joint commission between the two town councils will aim to approve three documents: a report explaining the approval of the proposal, a map of the current delimitation and the proposed change, as well as an economic report justifying the modification. Once the commission has drawn up these documents, they will go back to the two councils to be sent to the Junta de Andalucía.

These same agreements adopted by the Rincón de la Victoria town hall have also been approved by Malaga city hall. A joint committee will meet next month to begin the six-month period in which the documents must be approved by the commission and sent back to the respective town halls. Once this has taken place, there will be another month for the agreements to be sent to the Junta de Andalucía for approval.