The dog with its head firmly trapped in one of holes. / CPB

Firefighters to the rescue after stray dog gets head stuck in wall

The animal's head became trapped in a lattice concrete block wall after chasing a cat in Vélez-Málaga

Eugenio Cabezas

Antonio Jesús López, Rafael Heredia and David Téllez are the three Malaga provincial brigade firefighters who have become the guardian angels of a stray dog ​​that became trapped in a decorative concrete lattice block wall in Velez-Malaga.

The animal, which has no owner, had its head completely stuck in one of the holes in the wall, which was conveniently located near the fire station in the capital of Axarquía.

The fire brigade was alerted by the National Police force and it was around 1.30am on Tuesday morning when the three firefighters arrived at the scene. "We saw that the only way to get it out was to break the wall with a hammer and chisel, using the minimum force. We did it and in just three minutes the animal was out, without any injuries," explained López, who stressed that despite the tension of the situation, the dog behaved "wonderfully". "He did not growl at us or bare teeth, I think he was aware that we were there to help him," he said.

National Police officers placed a car wheel to try and take the pressure off the dog's legs / CPB

Police officers had previously placed a car wheel to prevent the animal from standing too upright. "It is likely that he was chasing a cat and that is why he put his head in there," the Veleño firefighter speculated, who has said that the dog was later transferred to Local Police station to find out if he had a microchip and, in that case, locate potential owners. "Apparently he did not have any, because he was found without a collar, and he had some ticks," he added.