This is the moment a fire engulfed Almayate’s well-known El Tranki chiringuito

The establishment on El Hornillo beach, which had been operating for 30 years, has been practically razed to the ground by a fire that started at around 2am on Tuesday morning

Eugenio Cabezas

The well-known El Tranki chiringuito on Almayate’s El Hornillo beach has been razed to the ground by a fire which broke out in the early hours of Tuesday (14 June) morning. Although owner José Manuel Pardo lives just 30 metres from the establishment, by the time the alarm was triggered it was too late to save the bar he and his family have run for 30 years.

Pardo explained to SUR that he does not know how the fire could have started. "There are hardly any houses nearby, and at this time of night everyone is asleep, it's not a place people pass through and we weren’t open yesterday as it’s always closed that day," he said.

Firefighters had attended to the blaze but were called again later as the fire had been reactivated. It completely destroyed the terrace, where there was a kiosk and a bar. However, the firefighters managed to prevent the fire from reaching the kitchen area and the storeroom.

"This summer is already lost, I will try to do my best to reopen, but it will be very difficult," said the owner of an establishment that employed two other workers throughout the year, with extra staff in the summer months. "About ten years ago we had a small fire but we managed to put it out and it didn't get worse, but now it has burnt down completely", lamented the bar owner.