The advertisment encouraged people to "get divorced" and "spend summer how you had planned to" / e. cabezas

'Get divorced' billboard taken down after company receives threats

The manager of the Vélez-Málaga law firm confessed that he "regretted" the advertisement and felt "overwhelmed" by the impact of the message

Eugenio Cabezas

A law firm in Vélez-Málaga has forced to remove an advertisement on a billboard that encouraged people to ‘get divorced’ - just 48 hours after it went up.

The controversial billboard, which could be seen from the town’s ring road, said “get divorced” in giant writing with the slogan 'dare to spend the summer as you had planned' underneath. The manager of the company admitted to SUR that last Thursday morning he instructed the advertising company he had hired, to remove it "after receiving pressure, threats and attacks," he said.

The head of the law firm has confessed to feeling "overwhelmed" by the all the media coverage and attention on social networks that the advert had, which the Malaga Bar Association is investigating as a possible case of "intrusiveness and misleading advertising", in addition to contravening the code of ethics of legal professionals according to the dean of the institution, Salvador González.

"I regret it because I did not expect this reaction, my goal was not to generate controversy, I have received calls from hidden numbers, with threats and comments," said the manager of the law firm, who has reported the abuse he has received to the police.

The firm has announced that it is planning to put up a billboard which is "normal and ordinary, with information about the services we provide".