The area where the new health centre is to be built / e. cabezas

Cómpeta set to get long-awaited new health centre

The regional government has awarded the contract for the refurbishment of a 500-square-metre building, which will be five times the size of the current doctor's surgery

Eugenio Cabezas

Cómpeta is set to get a new health centre to replace the current one, where during the pandemic patients have had to wait outside in the street for their turn, as the waiting room is just eight square metres in size.

After more than a decade of paperwork and delays, the Junta de Andalucía has awarded the contract for the refurbishment of a 500-square-metre municipal building (five times the size of the current centre) next to the public car park in the Plaza de España.

The works, which were put out to tender last August at a cost of over 400,000 euros, are expected to take four months to complete and the new space should be ready next spring.

Mayor of Cómpeta Obdulio Pérez pointed out to SUR that the population, "has not stopped growing in recent months, as a result of the pandemic, since the number of people registering, both nationals and foreigners, has increased."

He went on to say, "Cómpeta can no longer afford to have a doctor's surgery in such precarious conditions, it has a tiny waiting room, families have to wait in the street with small children and there is no access for vehicles."

No paediatric service

The new space will have up to eight medical consultation rooms, as well as waiting rooms, toilets, a 24-hour emergency service and an administration area, among other services.

The mayor has complained, however, that since last summer there has been no paediatrician in the village, so parents have to travel to the health centre in Algarrobo, almost 15 kilometres away, if they want their children to be seen by these specialists.

"I am told that there are no paediatricians available. People are quite angry, and rightly so, because they don't want to have to travel so far," said Pérez.