Frigiliana's 3 Culturas festival on Thursday 24 August. E. Cabezas
Axarquía festival offers a multicultural journey through time

Axarquía festival offers a multicultural journey through time

Frigiliana’s 3 Culturas is expected to attract around 40,000 people this weekend who will enjoy live music and food while celebrating its Christian, Islamic and Jewish heritage

Eugenio Cabezas


Friday, 25 August 2023, 13:30


The narrow, winding streets of Frigiliana are already full of colour, music, food and people for its annual 3 Cultures Festival, which started on Thursday 24 August. The event, which was held for the first time in 2006, celebrates the village’s Christian, Islamic and Jewish heritage through live music, food, films, children’s activities and a mediaeval market.

The craft and food stalls next to the Plaza del Ingenio are the starting point of a route that allows visitors to contemplate the images offered by the 'Barribarto', where artisans demonstrate their skills in pottery or leather. The festival’s first night included a pyro-musical show and a concert by the group Tarwa N-Tiniri, from Morocco on Plaza de 3 Culturas.

3 Culturas festival, Frigiliana.
3 Culturas festival, Frigiliana. E. Cabezas

This evening, Friday 25 August, Collado Project are performing, Eskorzo on Saturday and the flamenco singer Arcángel on Sunday, also on Plaza de 3 Culturas. Cantes de Las Almijaras will also perform on Friday, and Sephardica on Saturday in the town hall patio. All concerts are free of charge.

Pablo Fernández and Miguel Martín, who live in Nerja went along to the first day of the festival. They met up with friend and Frigiliana resident Esteban López. "The atmosphere in Frigiliana with the 3 Culturas festival is incredible. People come to have a good time and enjoy the food and drink and the beauty of the village," they said.

The programme starts at 12pm every day with the medieval craft market and performances by theatre groups, circus, puppets, belly dancers and more.

Sixteen bars and restaurants are participating in the popular tapas trail, with each one offering a wide range of tapas with a drink for two euros, from 6pm to midnight. Anyone completing the trail and getting a stamp in their tapas trail passport at all 16 establishments will be given a T-shirt.

Frigiliana's 3 Culturas festival. E. C.
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Imagen secundaria 1 - Frigiliana's 3 Culturas festival.
Imagen secundaria 2 - Frigiliana's 3 Culturas festival.

For further information including bus timetable from Nerja visit: Festival Frigiliana 3 Culturas - Festival Frigiliana 3 Culturas

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