Clair Spettigue is standing with Avanza Comares SUR
'Depopulation is a big concern in Comares'
Local elections 2023

'Depopulation is a big concern in Comares'

Avanza Comares ·

Clair Spettigue has lived in the Axarquía village for 22 years, where she feels that a change in mayor is needed for it to progress

Wednesday, 17 May 2023, 21:55

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Clair Spettigue has lived in Comares for 22 years but is originally from the Midlands and spent many years in Cornwall.

Clair, 48, told SUR in English that she was approached by Eva Aguilar Cabello, the head of a new party in the village, Avanza Comares (Advance Comares) about becoming a candidate.

“I did because it’s a new independent party for all the neighbours of the village. I liked her ideas for change and depopulation being a big concern here, job creation and [the] emphasis [is] on helping the younger generation to eventually come back to live and work here,” says the candidate, who is number seven on the party's list.

She went on to say, “The village needs a change as the current mayor has been in power for 36 years and it now needs new ideas and younger people to have input. We are all a group of neighbours that actually do live and work in the village or surrounding hamlets.”

Clair explained that she has never been involved in politics before but says, “I think as you become older you take more interest in where you live and my village is close to my heart. I have seen changes since being here and sadly all the young people I knew have left and have never been able to return. This is why this time I have taken interest.”

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