Francisco Salado and Manuel Marmolejo with the firefighters who travelled to Turkey. SUR
'Hero' firefighters who helped earthquake rescue efforts in Turkey to receive award

'Hero' firefighters who helped earthquake rescue efforts in Turkey to receive award


Nine professionals with the provincial brigade will the receive the 'M for Malaga' recognition of their work, during a special presentation ceremony on Andalucía Day

Matías Stuber

Wednesday, 22 February 2023, 21:24


Nine Malaga firefighters from the provincial brigade who helped rescue and recover earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria are to be awarded with the 'M for Malaga' distinction at an awards ceremony on Andalucía Day, 28 February.

The forthcoming recognition was announced on Tuesday by the President of the Diputacíon, Malaga's provincial authority, Francisco Salado, who met the firefighters at the authority's headquarters where he personally thanked them for their work.


Salado said the group of eight men and one woman were «heroes who represent the best of society».

«I know you don't like the label but there is no other qualifier, no other way to describe you,» he added.

The 'M for Malaga' award will be given to firefighters Jair Perreira, Jorge Marín, María García, Francisco Javier Luque Sánchez, Pedro Luque Cruz, José Antonio Solano Cárdenas, Antonio Manuel Cobos Manzano, Lorenzo Álvarez Rojo and Jaime Navarro Ortuño.

«I know that you have had a hard time, that working against the clock when lives are at stake is tough, but I want you to know that we are very proud of you and of all the Spaniards who have collaborated in the search and rescue of survivors,» Salado said.

Other recipients

In addition to the recognition of the nine firefighters, the 'M for Malaga' awards will be given to the Association of Businessmen of Malaga beaches, the Museum of Flamenco Peña Juan Breva, the football team BeSoccer CD UMA Antequera and the SUR journalist, Pedro Luis Gómez.

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