This is the moment two Malaga firefighters rescue man trapped for three days after earthquake in Turkey

Less than 24 hours after they arrived in the country, the pair have helped rescue a middle-aged individual who was found buried under the debris of a collapsed building in the Turkish city of Hatay, near the border with Syria



Wednesday, 8 February 2023, 17:53

They have not even been at ground zero of the earthquake catastrophe for 24 hours and they are already saving lives.

Jair Pereira and Jorge Marín, two firefighters from the Malaga provincial brigade, travelled from Malaga Airport to Turkey on Tuesday, with the sole objective of helping local authorities in the rescue efforts, after the devastation left by the earthquake that hit numerous cities in Turkey and Syria.

Once they landed in Istanbul, they took another flight to the city of Aldara. There they received their instructions from the local authorities and were given a destination: Hatay. In this Turkish city, which is near the border with Syria, they managed to rescue a middle-aged man alive, who was buried under the rubble of a building that did not survive the earthquake. It was a reward for their relentless work, in which Jair and Jorge are working alongside other firefighters from Spain, including more colleagues from Andalucá.

In the video that accompanies this story, which Jair has shared with SUR, it can be seen how the professionals manage to locate a person who had been buried under the rubble for three days. After identifying that the victim is conscious, the firefighters make sure to secure the area and, immediately afterwards, the stabilisation work begins and the man in question is finally pulled out.

Difficult weather conditions

"We managed to extract this victim with the help of local authorities," said Jair, who is based at Manilva fire station. This 41-year-old professional has experience in disaster zones. He has done rescue work in Lebanon, Ukraine and La Palma, after the eruption of the volcano.

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What they have found in Turkey are images of a "devastated area" and weather conditions that make their work very difficult. Rains and freezing temperatures reduce the chances of survival of the people who are still buried. But a window of opportunity still remains open, as this case has shown.

In addition to the help of the local authorities, the Malaga firefighters have the help of four rescue dogs, trained to search for survivors in catastrophes of this type. Two water dogs and two Belgian Malinois.

The Malaga firefighters continue to work tirelessly to find more people alive. For now, they do not have a scheduled return date.




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