The rainy weather came as a surprise. / ñito salas

August bids farewell with almost 1,000 flashes of lightning and some muddy rain falling in Malaga province

The unexpected storms affected most of the area on Monday and the weather will remain unstable in some areas today, meteorologists say


Monday was not exactly the best day for sunbathing on the beach, with unexpected thunder, lightning and rain which was muddy because of the amount of ‘calima’ – dust from the Sahara desert – in the air. It didn’t rain heavily in Malaga but was enough to make the streets and cars dirty.

This was so unusual in August that social media was filled with photos of the storms. The Spanish state weather agency Aemet said there were nearly one thousand flashes of lightning in Malaga province, and over 8,000 in Spain as a whole, especially in the centre and north of the country.

However, there was not enough rain to raise hopes of an end to the drought. Barely a litre and a half fell at Malaga Airport on the Costa del Sol, in the form of half a dozen short showers.

For today, Tuesday 30 August, the weather is expected to remain unstable in the east of the province, in the Axarquía and the area closest to Granada, while on the Costa del Sol and Malaga city there will be low cloud on the coast for much of the day, while showers and occasional storms are expected inland, especially in the mountains, this afternoon and evening.

The temperatures will remain high today, at 32C in Malaga city and maybe 35C in Antequera and Ronda.