Firefighters examine the damaged property. CPB MALAGA
Gas cylinder explosion injures 81-year-old woman in Malaga town

Gas cylinder explosion injures 81-year-old woman in Malaga town

The property in Villanueva de Tapia was extensively damaged and part of the ceiling collapsed



Tuesday, 3 January 2023, 08:20


An 81-year-old woman has been injured following a butane gas cylinder explosion at a property in the Malaga municipality of Villanueva de Tapia, according to Emergencias 112 Andalucía.

At 2.15 pm on Monday, 2 January, the emergency services hotline received a call to report a strong explosion at a house in Calle Archidona street in Villanueva de Tapia. According to eyewitnesses,there was a person inside who had been injured and there was extensive damage to the building with broken glass and part of the ceiling had collapsed.

Firefighters from the Malaga Provincial Brigade, Local Police and the 061 health services were alerted and once at the scene, the firefighters confirmed that a butane gas cylinder had exploded. The woman had been injured and she was evacuated to the Antequera hospital by ambulance.

Firefighters recommended the inspection of the property by municipal technicians before the occupants return to it.

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