Drugs and money seized in the operation. CNP
Drugs gang smashed in Antequera whose ringleader distributed narcotics from his work vehicle

Drugs gang smashed in Antequera whose ringleader distributed narcotics from his work vehicle

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National Police officers have made nine arrests, including the parents of the alleged head of the network



Wednesday, 7 June 2023, 17:19


National Police officers have dismantled a criminal group in Antequera that, allegedly, distributed narcotic substances. Nine members of the gang have been arrested for their alleged participation in the crimes of belonging to a criminal group, drug trafficking and money laundering.

The main suspect worked as a driver and took advantage of his position to distribute the drugs among his clients using his work vehicle. In addition, he used at least three houses – including his parents' home – from where he and his "employees" prepared and distributed different narcotic substances such as cocaine, ketamine, MDMA and hashish, according to a police statement.

In the three searches carried out in the houses related to the criminal network, the officers have seized 310 grams of cocaine, 390 grams of ketamine, 350 grams of MDMA, 160 grams of speed and 70 grams of hashish. Three of those under investigation have been remanded in custody by order of the the courts. In addition, they have requested the freezing of 42,838 euros found in the bank accounts related to the plot.

According to the first investigations, officers were able to identify the main suspect and locate several addresses related to him. In addition, they found that this subject had a large group of "employees" who prepared and distributed the orders for different narcotic substances, such as cocaine, ketamine, MDMA, speed and hashish.

According to police, the criminal plot was allegedly dedicated to the medium-scale distribution of drugs and its ringleader made use of at least eight people who helped him to sell the drugs. Among those involved were allegedly the parents of the leader of the network, who offered their home as a "nursery" for the narcotic substances, and his right-hand man, who also offered his home as a place to hide and prepare the drug batches.

An Antequera court has ordered the pre-trial detention of three of the suspects.

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