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'Being part of the younger generation will give an opportunity to express their views'
Local elections 2023

'Being part of the younger generation will give an opportunity to express their views'

PP Villanueva del Rosario ·

27-year-old Chelsea Wilson wants to be a voice for both the foreign community and the younger age groups in her town

Anna Clift

Wednesday, 24 May 2023, 16:34


Chelsea Wilson, 27, is originally from Leeds, UK. She is number 4 on the PP candidate list in Villanueva del Rosario.

She has lived in Villanueva del Rosario since she moved there 19 years ago with her family. She now works as a master data specialist in a company based in Malaga.

Chelsea decided to get involved in politics as she saw it as a good opportunity to represent the British in her area. One of the main things she is keen to improve is the involvement of the foreign community in the town.

She also wants to give young people a voice in matters of the town; "being part of the younger generation I feel this will give an opportunity to express their views and be listened to."

Chelsea told SUR in English that an important issue was ensuring that the municipal youth hostel is available, "as we have a lot of tourism in our mountain environment."

Other important changes in the town for Chelsea are the improvement of public transport connections, protection of the natural environment, improving pensioners facilities and the building of a youth centre. She also highlighted her support for the municipal youth housing plan, which is "an acquisition and renovation of houses in the town centre with a minimum rent for the younger generation."




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