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The Andalusian health service insists that its waiting lists have gone down by 31%

Waiting times for an operation shortened by 208 days from December 2018 to the same month in 2021

Ángel Escalera

In response to complaints about the time people in Malaga province have to wait for surgery in Andalucía, the health service says that its waiting lists have actually reduced by 31 per cent when the past three years are considered, and not just the last year, which has been influenced by Covid.

Official figures show that at the end of 2018 there were 30,730 people waiting for an operation in Malaga province, and on 30 December 2021 that had dropped to 21,048, which is 9,682 fewer.

In the same three years, the average waiting time for surgery also reduced by 62.54 per cent, from 322 days to 124.

Malaga province hospitals have reduced the number of patients on their waiting lists for an operation more than any other in the Andalucía region.