Adecco is recruiting over 120 people to work in the food industry in Malaga province

Adecco is recruiting over 120 people to work in the food industry in Malaga province

There are open positions for forklift operators, industrial workers, cutting and packaging workers and butchers

Almudena Nogués


Friday, 21 June 2024, 14:27

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Malaga recorded a decrease of 4,198 unemployed in May, compared to April. Even so, according to data from the ministry of labour and social economy, there are currently 122,784 unemployed individuals in the province. Fortunately, the summer presents a good time to return to the labour market, with opportunities not only limited to the service sector.

Human resources agency Adecco is seeking to fill over a hundred positions in the food industry, including forklift drivers, industrial workers, cutting and packaging workers, as well as butchers in locations across Malaga province.

Specifically, among other offers, 20 cutting and packaging workers are required in Campanillas and ten packaging operators in Malaga. The responsibilities of the selected candidates include packaging and labelling of products, carrying out maintenance of machinery and taking care of the order and cleanliness of the workplace. Formal training or a qualification in the industrial field is required for these positions.

For forklift operator vacancies, a valid forklift driver's licence and previous experience are also required. The duties of the role involve loading and unloading goods at the dock and preparing orders.

In Cártama, 34 industrial workers and one labourer are also sought to work in the cutting room of a major company within the meat industry.

In the Axarquia area, in Vélez-Málaga, an agricultural forklift worker is required. The duties involve handling the forklift, loading lorries, using seed cleaning machinery and the packaging and weighing of seeds.

Finally, there is a vacancy for a butcher position in Malaga requiring a minimum of three months' previous experience, and ten packer positions in Axarquía for which more than two years' experience is required. Interested persons can apply for the positions through the Adecco website .

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