Threatened dog sanctuary in Guaro still in search of new premises

The refuge centre currently cares for more than 40 dogs.
The refuge centre currently cares for more than 40 dogs. / SUR
  • There was some respite for the Animal Love and Rescue Resort this week after a judge suspended the eviction order until next year

A Belgian couple who have dedicated the last 20 years to helping stray and abandoned dogs in Spain are appealing for help to find a new property after being told they must leave their current premises this week.

Vera and Bert Wesenbeek, founders of the Animal Love and Rescue Resort in Guaro, appealed to the authorities after an eviction order was issued in March, and a judge has now agreed to suspend the order until the threat of the coronavirus pandemic is over.

"It's a huge relief, because our dogs are very important. We didn't sleep for several days because we were worried what would happen, so we are obviously very happy with the judge's decision," Vera told SUR in English.

The refuge, which currently cares for more than 40 dogs, has had no running water since April 2018 and is also in need of a complete refurbishment, which, Vera claims, "the owner is not prepared to address".

The animal lovers are now desperate to find a new house with enough land to relocate the sanctuary, and they are appealing to anyone who can help them. The charity is also calling for donations to help with the upkeep of the sanctuary.

"We know that we will be safe here until after Christmas, which is good news. We have been looking for more than two years for somewhere we are welcome with our foster dogs. We will keep fighting for a good life for them, but we need help in order to do this," Vera said.