Fuengirola town hall authorises the construction of 300 new homes in the Higuerón area

Cranes are frequently seen in this area of Fuengirola.
Cranes are frequently seen in this area of Fuengirola. / SUR
  • A detailed study was approved by the local council this week and will see four-storey buildings constructed across three plots

Fuengirola town hall has given the green light to the detailed study of three plots in El Higuerón (in the upper part of Carvajal) which will enable 300 new properties to be built over the next few years.

As explained by the Town Planning councillor, José Sánchez, this is a development authorised in the current town plan (PGOU) and will see the construction of four-storey buildings across an area of slightly more than 48,297 square metres, distributed on three different plots (14,167; 8,948; and 25,182.8 square metres).

The developer of the land will be responsible for implementing the network of water distribution, sewerage, electricity, street lighting, telephone and paving throughout the area.

What's more, "as stated in the current PGOU for Fuengirola, it is mandatory that two parking spaces are built for each dwelling constructed, as well as one parking space for every 80 square metres of land devoted to commercial or office use," said Sánchez.