Guardia Civil investigating the death of a Belgian woman in Tolox

The woman’s body being removed from the scene
The woman’s body being removed from the scene / FERNANDO TORRES
  • The victim, a 58-year-old retired woman, had been living in the countryside near Coín, where her brother resides

A Belgian woman was found dead in her country house in Tolox on Tuesday.

Her body was discovered by her brother, who lives in Coín. He became concerned when the woman, named as Ana, did not answer his calls on Tuesday, since they would usually speak on the phone every day. He drove to her house, which is located in a remote rural area in the Tolox municipality, home to many foreign residents, at around five in the afternoon.

After getting inside, he began calling her name, but still found no reply. When he reached her bedroom, he found her lifeless body under the covers in bed with signs of violence. He immediately called 112, and the Guardia Civil and an ambulance were dispatched to the location, but were only able to confirm the woman’s death.

The main suspect in the case is a Belgian man whom Ana had been friends with for several months. It appears that he had been helping her to refurbish her house. Her brother told SUR that the house showed no signs of a violent struggle having taken place. However, Ana was a collector, and several valuable objects were missing.

Neither her brother nor his wife knew whether Ana and this Belgian man were romantically involved, but they did know that he had slept in her house before, as they said that he came and went from Belgium but did not have a permanent residence in the Malaga province.

Preliminary investigations suggest that the woman died in the early hours of the morning. Neighbours said they heard a vehicle at around five in the morning.

Ana’s brother told SUR that she was an expert in martial arts, which makes the lack of any signs of resistance even more puzzling.

Ana had moved to Spain in 2017 to be closer to her brother, who was her only surviving relative except for her daughter, who still resides in Belgium.

The autopsy was planned for Wednesday morning at the Malaga Institute of Legal Medicine.