Search continues for two-year-old boy who fell down 100-metre-deep hole in Totalán

The search operation on Monday morning.
The search operation on Monday morning. / ÑITO SALAS
  • After working through the night, on Monday morning the rescue services began removing earth from the hole, which measures just 25 centimetres in diameter

Emergency services are continuing their search and rescue operation after a two-year-old boy who fell down a 100-metre deep hole on Sunday in Sierra de Totalán near Rincón de la Victoria.

The boy, Julen, is said to have fallen into the hole while playing with a friend as his parents prepared lunch in the rural area near the Cerro de la Corona dolmen. A relative is said to have seen the fall and heard Yulen's cries.

The search for the boy continued into the night.

The search for the boy continued into the night. / SUR

Two hikers heard the desperate screams of the family and went to investigate.

"We asked them if they were sure that the child had fallen into the hole, and they were totally convinced."

The hole was seemingly dug to check the ground for water in preparation for future construction.

The emergency services were alerted twice almost simultaneously. The first call came from the parents of the boy and the second from the hikers.

The provincial fire brigade, the fire department of Malaga and the police, as well as the mountain rescue team (EREIM) were immediately deployed.

The firemen first lowered a mobile phone with a camera to check if anything was visible. They reached about 50 metres from the surface with no trace of the boy.

A robot donated by the drain-cleaning firm company Pepe Núñez was then lowered into the hole to attempt to get a better idea of the situation. However, it was impossible for the robot to get passed the 78-metre mark as it hit earth that had apparently been dislodged as the boy fell.

After working through the night on Monday morning rescue services had begun to remove the earth and pump air into the hole.

Earlier a bag of sweets and a cup were found inside the hole by the robot.

Julen is yet to be located, and it is also unconfirmed whether the hole has water at the bottom.