Nerja water company prepares controversial takeover of locals' supply

The new pumps installed by Aguas de Narixa.
The new pumps installed by Aguas de Narixa. / EUGENIO CABEZAS
  • Aguas de Narixa has been accused of coercing locals into changing supplier

A different kind of controversy over water is rattling on in Nerja, separate from the unfinished water treatment plant.

Official town water supply company, Aguas de Narixa, has been installing its own machinery to take over the supply to residents in the Fuente del Badén area.

People in Fuente del Badén, including some 4,000 homeowners making up around 25 per cent of Nerja's population, currently get water from a local water cooperative.

However Nerja council says locals only have permission to water farmland and not supply houses directly.

The Fuente del Badén community started legal action against Aguas de Narixa last summer, accusing the latter of “threats and coercion” for allegedly trying to get its customers to switch supplier.