Marbella says keep your shirt on

Marbella says keep your shirt on
  • The council plans to change local regulations to ban tourists from going shirtless when not in the beach area

Marbella town hall is working on a change to the local bylaw that governs public spaces to expressly ban locals and tourists from going shirtless in the streets.

According to councillor Javier Porcuna, the growing number of men who walk around with no shirt on in the town is damaging the image of a five-star tourist destination that Marbella is trying to protect.

The measure, which follows the example set by Barcelona, will not be immediate. First it requires a legal report and then needs to be approved at a council meeting and it's possible that this will not happen in time for the law to be brought in this summer.

The local authority has pointed out that fines will not initially be imposed on someone not wearing a shirt, but they will be given a warning. However repeat offenders could be fined between 100 and 150 euros for disobedience.

Porcuna explained that the fine would not specifically befor not wearing a shirt, but for failing to act on a warning given by a police officer.

The modification of the bylaw would allow the council to put up signs informing of the obligation to wear a shirt once visitors move away from the seafront.

Some Puerto Banús business owners have already tried to start a campaign by putting signs up in several languages "advising" tourists not to walk around with no shirt or in just a bikini, however there was no bylaw to enforce this.