Extra Clínica Felina Malagat

Clínica Felina Malagat, the specialist centre that ensures your cat's health

The clinic has centres in Torremolinos and San Pedro de Alcántara and offers all services to ensure pet well-being

Although domestic in nature, cats are very special animals that require specific care and attention to ensure their well-being.

As Elyzabeth Martín, a veterinarian specialising in felines, explains: "Due to their predatory nature, cats tend to hide any health problems they may have. They are mysterious and never show their weaknesses, so you have to pay attention to little details that may give away that something isn't right and learn to 'speak their language'."

Two years ago, in order to provide this exclusive and quality service tailored to their peculiarities, Martín set up the Clínica Felina Malagat, a pioneering centre in the province specialising in the integral health of these animals.

The clinic provides all the necessary services, from internal medicine to dermatology, nutrition, diagnostic imaging (ultrasound and radiography), laboratory and surgery, with a speciality in dentistry, among other areas. They also work on behavioural problems, and the veterinarian is currently completing a Master's degree in this area. "We are increasingly being asked for this service due to issues such as inappropriate urination or aggression towards owners or other cats," she assures us.

Where dentistry is concerned, Martín points out that many feline health problems begin to manifest themselves through the mouth. "An animal can arrive with very bad-smelling breath and can finally turn out to have a far more serious condition," the vet explains. On top of this, there are also possible diseases of the immune system (very common among stray animals) or pathologies of the mouth itself, such as feline resorptive lesion, previously known as FORL, which causes weakening of the tooth structure, leading to a great deal of sensitivity and pain.

Another of the services they offer is preventive medicine, which is essential for feline health. "Cats have a very fast metabolism. One year they may be fine and the next they may have developed chronic kidney disease, so it is essential, especially after a certain age, that they have check-ups to ensure that they are well, regardless of how they look," explains Martín.

The Clínica Felina Malagat is the only one in the province and the second in Andalucía that offers a complete and exclusive service to these animals. This not only involves the medical specialities mentioned, but also the ambience of the whole centre. "People appreciate the specialisation, but above all the feeling that their pet's needs are being attended to in a space that is fully adapted and conditioned to ensure their well-being. This makes both the cats and their owners much calmer and everything flows much better." In addition, the animal is handled without skimping on time or resources. "We think it is essential to avoid forcing them because cats have an olfactory memory and remember these stressful situations, which is counterproductive. We give them time to adapt while we get to know their problem in depth. In short, we try to let everything flow according to their needs, without pressure."

Thanks to that, the clinic not only has a growing number of clients, but many people also visit the centre to seek a second opinion regarding their pets' possible problems.

"Over the last 15 years, the life expectancy of cats has increased by up to ten years, so it is common to find animals up to 20 years old that have been well looked after. This is a very important improvement and involves maintaining good health in order to enjoy our pets for as long as possible, guaranteeing their quality of life," Martín stresses.

More information:

Clínica Felina Malagat Torremolinos:

Av. Manuel Fraga Iribarne, 3. Telephone: 635 747 363

Clínica Felina Malagat San Pedro de Alcántara:

C/ Viento del sur, 1. Telephone: 640 561 604