The favourite restaurants in Malaga of three-Michelin-star-winning Paco Morales
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The favourite restaurants in Malaga of three-Michelin-star-winning Paco Morales

The Cordoba chef reveals his must-visits in the province: "There are very exciting gastronomic projects in a small area"

Juan Soto

Thursday, 16 May 2024, 14:16


Cordoba chef Paco Morales confesses to being in love with Malaga and with its cuisine, a relationship that has been simmering since his childhood. In his memories remain his family visits to the beach in Fuengirola, where they would escape to when his father closed the family business once a week. The province is on Morales' map, so much so that the owner of the Noor restaurant (3 Michelin stars), confesses that has even considered opening a business in this area , "but those are big words". When it comes to booking a table, Morales admits that he always chooses the raw material. "Above all, I like to visit places related to the product," he reveals.

Asked about his favourite restaurants in Malaga, Morales - who has recently visited Malaga to talk about cuisine and take part in an event organised by the gastronomic bookshop Montagud - cites three of his must-visits: "I go to the Oasis restaurant in Fuengirola a lot, and also to Los Marinos José. In Málaga, I like Hermanos Alba," he says.

Paco Morales, with José Carlos García.
Paco Morales, with José Carlos García. Ñito Salas

"In Ronda there is Benito (Bardal); here you have José Carlos (García) and Dani (Carnero) from Kaleja and La Cosmopolita, which is also a very tavern-like project, but very well done. There is also Ta-Kumi, a quality Japanese restaurant in Malaga. I think you have very exciting projects in very little territory. And I think tourism helps this. If there were no tourism, it would be difficult to have so many different projects in such a small space. In a province with such a pleasant climate, cuisine also has a lot of weight and that is very important," he explains.

This is his favourite gastronomic route in Malaga:

Chiringuito Oasis , in Fuengirola. Specialises in seafood. Paseo Marítimo Rey de España, 132.

Los Marinos José , in Fuengirola. Seafood restaurant. Paseo Marítimo Rey de España, 161.

Hermanos Alba , in Malaga city. Fresh fish and seafood from Caleta de Vélez. Avenida Salvador Allende, 15.

Bardal (by Benito Gómez , in Ronda. Two Michelin stars and two Repsol Soles. Calle José Aparicio, 1.

José Carlos García , in Málaga city. One Michelin star. Pza. de la Capilla. Port of Malaga.

Kaleja and La Cosmopolita (by Dani Carnero), in Malaga city centre. The former, with one Michelin star, is located at Calle Marquesa de Moya, 9. La Cosmopolita, at Calle Denis Belgrano, 3, also in the centre of the city. Fun market cuisine, based on Andalusian produce but with exotic touches.

Ta-Kumi , in Malaga city. Japanese, in calle Mundo Nuevo, 4.

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