Restaurante Villa Embers, for fans of organic and charcoal-grilled cuisine

Restaurante Villa Embers, for fans of organic and charcoal-grilled cuisine

Thursday, 9 February 2023


The Villa Embers restaurant can be classified as the best organic restaurant on the Costa del Sol where the only stoves present are embers. They specialise in preparing exquisite meat and fish among other delicacies offered on their elaborate menu. The main premise of this culinary temple is to take the utmost care of the product.

The cuisine at Villa Embers, in the Paraíso Barronal urbanisation in Estepona, offers traditional flavours such as 'Grilled caviar', 'Truffled eggs with candied peppers and mashed potatoes over an open fire', 'Grilled octopus with potato parmentier in a wood-fired oven' and 'Grilled clams with their juice and mountain herbs'. It is worth mentioning that the menu offers Friesian beef, cut on the spot and cooked to each diner's preference, accompanied by garden salad, baby potatoes sautéed over an open fire or candied peppers baked in a wood-fired oven.

The fish, also charcoal-grilled, is fresh and wild, such as turbot, sea bass, and snapper, as well as seafood, with highlights on the menu including 'Charcoal-grilled lobster' and 'Charcoal-grilled tuna tataky', as well as wood-fired casseroles such as 'Black rice with cuttlefish', 'Lobster paella' and 'Chickpeas with lobster'.

Villa Embers are also known for combining innovative flavours with traditional Asian ones and we find delicacies with excellent prime materials such as the 'Grilled pork jowl roll with teriyaki and asparagus', 'Grilled prawn roll with kimchi and marinated avocado' or the 'Tuna tartar on grilled avocado'.

In this gastronomic space, those who try the desserts, with a smoky touch, will not forget them. Examples include cheesecake, apple tart, coulant and grilled macarons. The wine list, with a careful selection of labels that is constantly updated, offers customers the best with more than 200 labels in the best conditions according to the most refined palates. Carefully selected wines from the best denominations of origin in the world.

The interior is decorated in white and turquoise tones, inviting you to enjoy exquisite and traditional cuisine with family and friends, always with excellent service, friendly attention and a touch of great quality. At Villa Embers there is something in the air and it is their passion for the quality of their products, a primordial matter that continues to be of great importance in our culinary desires.

At Villa Embers you can start with a cocktail or aperitif and finish with a nice drink to the sound of excellent music in a relaxed atmosphere indoors and outdoors as they have a terrace ideal for enjoying by day and by night and perfect for celebrations and live music performances. Furthermore, at weekends, singers and dancers entertain the diners and they also have a private lounge for 10 people. Thanks to the location, you can park at the door even on the busiest days and there is also a shuttle service for all customers.

The menu

Address: Urb. Paraíso Barronal. Estepona

Bookings 952 788 368

Opening hours: 1pm – 5pm, 7pm – midnight. Closed on Wednesdays


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