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A new 'Legend' from an Andalusian brewery with a lot of history

A new 'Legend' from an Andalusian brewery with a lot of history


The Jáen-based Alcázar company, once owned by the Irish drinks giant Guinness and now the Dutch, has launched a new beer to mark its anniversary


Monday, 13 March 2023, 23:02


El Alcázar is one of the oldest breweries in Spain, situated in Jaén. At the end of the 19th century, a Galician family from Lugo moved to the city to set up the business. The newcomers were successful in launching this then unusual trade and in 1921 the brewery was authorised in Jaén.

Their first beer was marketed under the brand name El Lagarto, and from 1928 it changed to El Alcázar. The date 28 February 1928 was considered a birth of a new brand. Its logo was a silhouette of the Santa Catalina castle, commonly known as the Alcázar, a symbol of Jaén's identity.

At the start of the 1960s, a bigger factory was built on a spring of water in the La Imora neighbourhood. The company also expanded and acquired other local beer brands. Some 50 years ago, El Alcázar entered Spain's Top 10 in terms of beer sales volume.


In 1991, El Alcázar became an international brewery. The Irish giant, Guinness, bought the El Alcázar brand, and ten years later, the Dutch Heineken became the new owner of the Jaén factory. After 20-years under Heineken control, the factory made history by becoming completely emissions-free - the first in Spain, and the biggest in Europe. They managed to power this enormous plant without resorting to fossil fuel or producing harmful emissions. Entirely 'green' energy is provided by solar roof panels, and heat energy made from biomass created from plant waste from the olive industry, the mainstay of the province's agricultural economy.

Apparently, the advanced technology of the giant foreign company didn't impress local people who wanted to follow the tradition to drink Alcázar

Apparently, the advanced technology didn't impress local people who wanted to follow the tradition to drink Alcázar. Therefore, El Alcázar beer, which ceased to be marketed in 2015, was once again available to the trade and supermarkets in 2019. Incidentally, on the Costa del Sol the beer was sold in the Correfour supermarkets. The bottle recovered the original green colour from 1928, the year of its foundation, and the iconic Santa Catalina Castle.

Time for a Legend

This year the brewing company in Jaén celebrates its 95th anniversary. It is a double celebration because the today's owner - the Dutch Heineken, that was established in Holland in 1873, turns 150.

The company has decided to mark this special year by launching a new variety. El Alcázar Leyenda (Legend) is a new beer recovering a legendary and very refreshing flavour from Jaén. The beer has a lower alcohol content in comparison to the classical 6% El Alcázar. The producers stress that the new 4.8% El Alcázar Leyenda, characterised by a smooth and refreshing flavour and a smooth colour, is an ideal beer to enjoy as an aperitif or to accompany a wide variety of dishes. The label says "la mejor forma de transmitir tu legado es no perder la esencia en aquello que haces" - the best way to transmit your legacy is not to lose the essence of what you do.

This new variety has been available from mid-February, though exclusively in Jaén province and only in its bars and restaurants, in a one-third returnable bottle format.

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