The juicy entraña, a classic dish of Argentine gastronomy. Herencia de Cocina
José Herencia de Cocina: the quality, care and simplicity of homemadefood
Extra José Herencia de Cocina

José Herencia de Cocina: the quality, care and simplicity of homemadefood

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This establishment offers a comprehensive and professional approach to the most wholesome, home-cooked meals



Thursday, 30 May 2024, 12:02


José Herencia de Cocina goes against the flow of passing trends and fads; the restaurant maintains a firm commitment to quality, care and the simplicity of traditional home-cooking.With the aim of taking diners back to the times when they happily enjoyed the pleasures of a meal made with love by their mother or grandmother.

In the same location where the restaurant is located today, on Calle Medellín in Perchel area in Malaga city, 50 years ago stood a restaurant whose fame lives on half a century later, El Ermitaño. After passing through the hands of several owners, time took its toll on the restaurant and things started to go downhill. “When we saw the building we thought it had so much potential: we had wanted to open a restaurant and pay tribute to our grandparents and parents for a long time,” recalls Rodrigo, one of the architects of the project. “We have completely restored the premises and transformed them into a wine cellar where past and present coexist beautifully”, he comments as an explanation to the origin of José Herencia de Cocina.

“We don't want to forget our roots, and the food we prepare in José represent the classic dishes prepared by our grandmothers and mothers, traditional smells and flavours that we revisit with contemporary cooking techniques and the best fresh produce from the province of Málaga’, says Rodrigo.

Grilled octopus. Herencia de Cocina

José Herencia de Cocina flees from fly-by-night and vacuous novelty to embrace authentic and timeless cuisine. “Eating well, eating simply and being surprised, is eating like a child: we want to recover the concept of these simple pleasures”, he explains about the proposal.

The Argentinean heritage of Rodrigo and Luciana, the restaurant's founding entrepreneurs, is evident in many of the dishes at José Herencia de Cocina. Grilled octopus, entraña (skirt steak), Neapolitan-style milanesa (milaneses), empanadas (turnovers), aubergine croquettes.... Traditional dishes modernised with taste and great quality.

The chef's contribution

They are helped by their chef, Patricia Morales,“the soul of our cuisine”, as Rodrigo defines her. She manages to perfectly capture the essence of home cooking and the flavours of yesteryear thanks to her close ties with food since her earliest childhood, through the family business run by her mother and grandmother in Uruguay, where they made Kosher and traditional Spanish dishes.

They offer Spanish cuisine dishes, such as flamenquín. Herencia de Cocina

Patricia Morales has been cooking for 25 years, 21 of them dedicated to Spanish cuisine, with a penchant for traditional stews. She is proud to consider herself an expert in Spanish dishes and her hometown as Malaga.

Tastings and food and wine pairing

José Herencia de Cocina also has a full programme of events to complement its interesting culinary offer, with special emphasis on wine. In their extensive cellar we can find such select wines as Finca el Empecinado Ribera, La Trucha Albariño and Seismiles Malbec. "This season we are going to start organising tastings and pairings with dishes from our menu, as well as continuing to organise events in which we combine art and wine", announces Rodrigo.

More information:

Adress: C. Medellín, 1, 3, Distrito Centro, 29002 Málaga.

Phone number: 951 15 61 61


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