US lawmakers need a stiff drink

US lawmakers need a stiff drink

Our civilised cousins across the pond have chosen to make laws state by state than nationally

Andrew J. Linn

Friday, 22 September 2023, 15:22

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Stereotyping nationals of other countries is a favourite pastime, but deep down we know it to be far from infallible at best and downright rude at worst.

All Brits know that the French score poorly in the personal hygiene stakes despite having that strange apparatus in their bathrooms for washing feet, and of course all Chinese are inscrutable and will rob you blind.

Even our civilised cousins across the pond have chosen to make laws state by state than nationally. For example:

Alaska prohibits 'entertainment' in bars except for four live events annually. Arizona bans Sunday alcohol sales before 6am.

California craft distillers were not authorised to sell direct to consumers until 2018, and Washington once prohibited sales to individuals of more than six bottles of spirits annually.

In Hawaii you cannot have more than one drink in front of you at any time. Indiana is the only state that regulates alcohol sales by temperature, making it impossible to buy a cold beer in a store.

Iowa prohibits bars from giving credit. Montana consumers are allowed 48 ounces of beer per person per day, but only two ounces of spirits, while in Nevada it is not an offence to be drunk in public - unless you are driving. Crazily, in North Dakota you can have a home distillery for personal use with production limited to the federal allowance, currently set at zero.

Oregon drinkers must eat a minimum of five 'substantial' food items to get a drink.

Tennessee's star product is Jack Daniel's whiskey - but Tennessee is a dry state by default.

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