Group photo of the organisers and participants at Cine Albéniz. / MIGUE FERNÁNDEZ

Film week strengthens links between Germany and Malaga

The festival, which is in its third year, was organised by SUR Deutsche Ausgabe, the Goethe Institute and the German Consulate


If the tenth month of the year is famous for anything, it is for the German film festival which has just opened at Cine Albéniz and is organised by the Goethe Institute, the Consulate of the Federal Republic and SUR Deutsche Ausgabe.

A large audience, Spanish as well as German, attended the inauguration of this third festival which aims to strengthen links between Germany and Malaga through cinema culture, and watched the premiere of the film Whispers of War, a drama by Florian Hoffmann about the armed conflict in Kurdistan. It is seen from the perspective of Khalil, a primary school teacher of Kurdish origin in Berlin who recognises his sister in some video footage of the war devastating the country. He had believed her to be dead, and goes to find her in the war zone as well as trying to raise awareness of the crisis.

This year the festival includes nine productions from young film-makers, covering current issues in Germany, screened in the original language with subtitles.

The power of culture

"We have major challenges in Europe at present: Russia's war against Ukraine, inflation, the energy crisis and climate change. To overcome these we have to stay together and united in Europe and the best way of doing that is through culture," said the German consul in Malaga, Arnulf Braun, who said he was grateful that the festival was taking place for another year and also for the contribution of the council in Torrox, the municipality in the province with the largest community of German residents.

"All the towns on the Costa del Sol are united by the love we have for the Germans, and we will continue to work for them, not only attracting them with our festivals but also with our culture," said Sandra Extremera, Councillor for Trade and Development in Torrox, where some of the films are also to be screened.

When the film came to an end actress Kristin Suckow, who plays the leading role, went on stage to talk to producer Roxana Richters and the editor of SUR Deutsche Ausgabe, Uwe Scheele, about some of the issues in the film, which will be shown in German cinemas from 15 December. They discussed media cynicism regarding certain conflicts, the division in Europe about some social problems, preparing for the role and selecting authentic audio-visual material from the conflict. "We had all the material from the director, but it was not easy deciding whether to use the most cruel footage," Richters said.