Secondary poems


Selected poems sent in by secondary school pupils for the SUR in English Education and Learning supplement. The young writers were asked to use the words 'switch' and 'satisfaction' in their poems

Sunday, 30 May 2021, 17:19



I switch on my phone,

It's still the early morning,

My heart gives a groan,

with this unbearable longing.

I look at the screen, with heartfelt intent,

Only to be cast down, I still repent,

I shouldn't have said all the things that I said,

To cause the hurt tears of which you shed.

I stood there that night, looked up at the stars,

The faint smell still lingered of your used cigars,

The look in your eye tells a story so deep,

Forget all your worries I tell myself as I try to sleep.

There's so much I wanted to say,

I wanted to confess,

All the things that I had been hiding,

No more and no less.

I stood there that night, looked up at the stars,

Wishing I could get rid of these painful scars.

My hands are still shaking as I hold you close,

An embrace that lasts forever as the world around us froze.

This feeling won't go, it doesn't seem quite right,

I wish that I could turn back time, back to that night.

Time stands still, like a broken clock,

Like it's been captured and caged and sealed with a lock.

The cold night air makes our faces white as chalk,

I don't know what to say but I begin to talk.

Soon the tears begin to fall,

And she turns away to hide her face in her shawl.

The rain comes down, like silver bullets,

Stinging my skin each time one hits,

She glances up and stares deep into my eye,

Then she runs into the night without saying goodbye.

All the world goes quiet,

And I await my reaction,

I want to feel pain,

But instead, I feel satisfaction.

I switch on my phone,

It's still the early morning,

My heart gives a groan,

with this unbearable longing.

I get up in my bed,

Attempt to shake this feeling of dread,

I glance over at the phone, expecting to see nothing,

But what I see gets my heart pumping.

There's a message, stark on the screen,

My heart jumps and I let out a scream.

I grasp the phone tight in my hand,

A tear rolls down my cheek because I finally understand.

One word is written,

And when I see it I die,

Because the word that is written,

Is the word,


Evelyn T, age 13

Sotogrande International School

Nature documentaries

A bird who can't fly has left the nest to fall

From a cliffside tree that towers so tall

Unsaved, untouched, life comes to a halt

The cameras who capture, it isn't their fault.

A cub who has strayed too far from the pack

The cameras can't aid him on his way back

Alone and unheard, he passes unseen

It's wild and it's nature, we can't intervene

Switch on the television and bystanders behold

Watch nature in all of it's glory unfold

Newsreels and ads pouring out from the screen

Because us as consumers can not intervene

Except when to drill and to oil and frack

Except to burn trees that we'll never plant back

To drive to extinction push into earth's nerve

But in nature films? We must only observe.

So Nature to man consider your action

For soon end the days of our short satisfaction

And if the bird, who, from grace shall fall

The people will watch, doing nothing at all.

Sophie Newton, age 16

Swans International School


The fragrance of blossom,

The breeze full of glee,

Nature's appealing powers

Gently reaching me.

I switch landscapes,

To vast green meadows,

And blithely escape,

From the lurid city's shadows.

Smiling in the sun,

Laughing in the rain,

Through grassy fields I run,

Feeling thrilled again.

Satisfaction in my veins,

Dazzling mountains to roam,

A place where my childhood remains

When I travel back home.

Irene González del Castillo, age 12

Laude San Pedro International College

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