Primary poems

Primary poems


Poetry submitted by primary school children for the SUR in English supplement in March 2023

Monday, 20 March 2023, 20:32


For the 2023 Education and Learning supplement, SUR in English asked schools to send in select poems by their students. They had to use the words 'spaghetti' and 'mystery' in the poems.

Here is a selection of this year's entries from primary school students.

BEST PRIMARY POEM Katya, age 9, English International College

The Rossetti Spaghetti

A short-sighted chef, whose name was Jeff,

Cooked some spaghetti for his wife Betty,

They ate and ate which increased their weight,

Kind Jeff and Betty Rossetti!

Their tangled pasta cooked faster and faster,

Feeling drained, was poured on a plate,

“The best food to eat, although it tastes sweet,”

Cried Betty, “it’s great, great, great!”

But things were not right, because of Jeff’s sight,

A mystery still unsolved,

For sugar he added instead of salt,

And into the pot it dissolved.

Now the wonder of Jeff’s minor mistake,

Was actually a huge treat,

For all unsavoury people in the world,

Who ate his pasta turned sweet.

So all the nasty villains turned nice,

And goodness replaced evil deeds,

And everyone shared,

And everyone cared,

And looked after each other’s needs.

So if ever badness you meet on the street,

Offer Jeff’s sweet spaghetti for them to eat!

RUNNER-UP Luke R. age 7, Swans International School

Spaghetti Monsters

Mystery spaghetti monsters

Sitting in my seat.

They look so cute

Until they show their teeth.

They’ve got massive feet

To chase you away.

They’re allergic to wheat

So they eat meat.

And now they want to eat



SPECIAL MENTION Elizabeth, age 8, British International School of Marbella

Mr Detective Inspector

Mr detective inspector,

Is a serious pasta collector,

He lives in an house in Rome,

In the garden here is a gnome,

He is solving a certain mystery,

That has an Italian history,

His work makes him extra tired,

Because his life is almost expired

His latest mystery was so great

Without it nobody ate

Spaghetti was his favourite choice,

That’s how he gets his singing voice,

One Friday no pasta could he found,

However, he followed a familiar sound,

He walked a little faster,

And fell in the cheesy pasta

Finally, the puzzle was resolved,

For all of the people inrolled,

At last he could well rest,

And the food he could digest,

He’s still the best detective,

His inspectors were almost effective


Clara Angulo Jiménez, age 11, Novaschool Sunland International

The Lonely Spaghetti

There once was a spaghetti in a lonely plate,

He cried and cried until he decided to escape,

the lonely spaghetti didn’t know where to go,

until he thought of an idea,

a mysterious one though,

the lonely spaghetti wanted to go to the moon,

but when he got to the rocket he became a

mystery of Doom

M. B.M. age 9, Almuñécar International School

The Mystery of Spaghetti

It’s slimy, wormy and thin,

what is it?

White, brown,

we need to boil it,

what is it?

Snap! Snap!

When it falls,

what is it?

Meatballs, Meatballs,

what is it?


what is it?

Hard stick, Hard stick

when is not boiled,

wormy, wormy,

when we boil it,

what is it?

what is it?



that’s what it is

Nico R. S. age 10, Sunny View School

The Match

Oh, look at the confetti,

Writhing up like spaghetti,

Oh, look at the chairs,

Going down the stairs,

Look at the other team,

Their hair going up like steam,

Look at the winning team,

Their faces in an eternal beam,

Oh, what a mystery,

The losing players' misery,

Oh, look at their streak,

All broken and weak,

The confetti keep growing,

And the stadium is flowing,

A trainer is jumping,

And another is crying.

Daniela L. R. age 10, BISM

The Mystery of Life

Alone in this world,

not a wound I can heal,

a mystery that lies,

in this world so called real,

foods I once loved like spaghetti and more,

aren’t the foods that I once adored,

people I cared for,

my family and friends,w

hom I want to say sorry to,

and finally make amends

Henrik S. age 11, The Benalmádena International College

Italiano Food

Spaghetti with chilli

Playing in a mystery town in Italy

Amazing parmesan cheese with bolognaise

Good Italian food

Heat wave through Rome in summer

heating up my pepperoni

Eating Caesar salad and Italy’s best mozzarella cheese

Take in the beautiful nature and say thank you please

Tumble off the trampoline

I’m the holder of catching the freshest sardine

Candela Barroso Ruiz, age 9, Sototgrande International School

My Granny's Spaghetti

I love spaghetti with tomato and cheese,

Like a delicious mystery,

I find a secret in it. Spaghetti.

I want more and more please!

With a little bit of tomato

And a little bit more cheese.

It’s going to be delicious for me!

I eat spaghetti with tomato and cheese

When my granny comes and visits me,

She prepares this meal with love.

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