Presentation of the Cajonea festival. / SUR

Cajonea Torrox festival recreates the rhythms of Uruguay, Peru and flamenco

The sixth edition will offer classes to teach how to recreate the different rhytms


The sixth Festival Internacional del Cajón Flamenco, Cajonea Torrox, is being held from tomorrow, 12 November, until 19 November in the Axarquía town.

The festival, organised by Play It Again audiovisual productions, has a varied programme of events including classes (in Spanish) demonstrating how to recreate the rhythms of Uruguay, Peru and traditional flamenco on the 'cajón flamenco'.

This instrument, which originated in Peru and is used in many cultures and music genres including jazz, flamenco and Afro-Latin-Caribbean music, is basically a wooden box on which the player sits and taps out a rhythm.

During the week there are online conferences on the history and manufacture of the cajón and an exhibition entitled Sonidos Reciclados which consists of musical instruments made from recycled objects.

The live performances start in Malaga city on 16 November in the Auditorio Edgar Neville to celebrate the Día Internacional del Flamenco with a 'cajoneada' by students from various local schools. Friday, 18 November at 8.30pm in the Teatro Villa de Torrox, sees the show Baile de Bestias which has won several awards this year with Jesús Carmona and Manuel Masaedo.

On 19 November at 7pm, the last day of the festival, there is a concert in the Teatro Villa de Torrox, with Rosario La Tremendita, considered one of the greatest innovators of current flamenco and an icon of the contemporary flamenco style.