Spain's foreign minister ready to restart Gibraltar talks

Spain's foreign minister ready to restart Gibraltar talks

Newly reappointed José Albares and new UK foreign secretary Lord Cameron are due to discuss the stalled deal's status in the coming days

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Friday, 24 November 2023, 13:55


The newly reappointed Spanish minister for Foreign Affairs, José Manuel Albares, has said he will soon make contact with new British foreign secretary Lord Cameron to discuss issues including the outstanding agreement between the UK and the EU on the status of Gibraltar after Brexit.

Cameron, who rejoined the UK government after a seven-year absence last week, contacted the Spanish government on Tuesday to ask for a conversation with Albares.

"Our teams are looking to set up a time," confirmed Albares to the press, pointing out that both men are due to see each other at a Nato summit next week. Albares said he hoped for a Gibraltar agreement as "soon as possible" but did not give timescales.

The EU still has to sign a deal with Britain over Gibraltar's future relationship with Brussels and Madrid, however there are outstanding areas, especially over how to handle border controls at Gibraltar's airport and port if free movement is to be maintained with Spain.

"If it was down to us, this agreement would already have been signed," said the Spanish foreign minister, adding that the two sides had been very close to a deal before a Spanish general election was called in the spring, halting the process.

Albares added that he assumed Britain was keen to tidy up the loose ends "very quickly" as well.

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