Royal Gibraltar Police warn of people falling foul of a well-known online scam

Romance Fraud, is a scam that involves people being duped into sending money to criminals who go to great lengths to gain the victim’s trust and to convince them that they are in a genuine relationship

Debbie Bartlett

A warning has been issued by the Royal Gibraltar Police about a well-known online scam known as the Romance Fraud, after learning that a few people have fallen for it.

The scammers gain people’s trust over a period of time, and end up convincing them that they are romantically attached to them. They then start to ask for money, often for emotive reasons such as needing emergency medical care, or saying that they want to come and visit but can’t afford the fare. Sometimes they offer investment opportunities. They go to great lengths to convince people that they are genuine.

The RGP recommends six simple steps to avoid falling into this type of trap:

1. Don’t share personal details.

2. Don’t send money to or receive money from unknown individuals.

3. Only use trusted dating websites.

4. Don’t share personal contact details.

5. Think twice before using your webcam.

6. Trust your instincts.

The RGP says nobody should feel embarrassed about reporting the matter if they have fallen for the scam, and asks anyone who believes they have been a victim to do so by phoning 20072500 or at “Don’t be embarrassed – report it,” they say.