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Head of Gibraltar's civil service steps down

Head of Gibraltar's civil service steps down

Darren Grech is leaving for personal reasons after six years in the job and will be replaced by Glendon Martínez in January

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Friday, 29 December 2023


The head of the Gibraltar Civil Service, the Chief Secretary, is stepping down to spend more time with his family. Chief Minister Fabian Picardo paid tribute to the six years of service of Darren Grech in a message to Gibraltar's parliament last week.

According to Picardo's statement, Grech's daughter has recently undergone surgery in London, although she is making a speedy recovery.

The Chief Minister said, "When life throws you these circumstances it really does make one think where your priorities lie and about the debt of time one has with the core family. I entirely empathise. Darren has, therefore now asked to step down from his role as Chief Secretary."

He added that Grech will continue to work with him directly on educational projects, an area in which he previously worked.

"Given Darren's experience in the field I have wholeheartedly agreed to this believing he has earned the right to determine his own future," added Picardo

"I recruited Darren from Education following his sterling work in transforming the schooling landscape and having observed his innate ability in dealing with people and investing in them."

New appointment

The new Chief Secretary, who will be responsible for overseeing the running of government on the Rock will be Glendon Martínez, who starts on 1 January. Previously from the private sector, Martínez has recently been overseeing changes to the Royal Gibraltar Post Office.





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