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Gibraltar policeman's 24-hour cycling challenge

Gibraltar policeman's 24-hour cycling challenge

Sergeant Donovan Galia is cycling around the Rock to raise funds and awareness of the local Cardiac Association

Debbie Bartlett


Tuesday, 8 February 2022, 11:14


A Gibraltar police officer is planning to cycle around the Rock for 24 hours this weekend, to raise funds and awareness about the local Cardiac Association. If he succeeds in his challenge he will have cycled 200 kilometres in total between 10am on Saturday and 10am on Sunday, starting and ending at Casemates Police Station.

Sergeant Donovan Galia, who is 43, says the cause is very important to him as a number of his friends and family members have suffered from heart problems. His father, who is a former Royal Gibraltar Police officer, suffered from heart disease from a very young age and had his first heart attack when he was 39, and Donovan is also dedicating this event to one of his best friends, Tennessee Fortunato, who died recently from heart failure at the age of 38.

Donovan also says he is inspired by his son’s nine-year-old friend Jamie Stevenson, who is battling a very serious illness. “The manner in which he confronts and tackles his condition is commendable. He ploughs through, expecting to be treated exactly the same as others, which made me think if he can have his treatment and come to football training, I can do this 24-hour-ride. For me Jamie is a warrior and nothing short of a legend,” he says.

Anyone who would like to join Donovan while he cycles round the Rock is welcome to accompany him at any time of day or night, for as long as they wish. He says he has been training for up to four hours a day, but expects the toughest part of his endeavour to be cycling through the night, especially if the weather is wet.

Donations to this worthy cause can be made directly to the Gibraltar Cardiac Association bank account (Gibraltar International Bank, A/C 09400001, Sort Code 608314) or in person on Saturday or Sunday.

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