Gibraltar chief minister meets Liz Truss for discussions in London

The negotiations regarding Gibraltar’s future relationship with EU are still ongoing, but no details have been released so far

Debbie Bartlett

Talks continued in London this week regarding Gibraltar’s future relationship with the European Union, at a meeting between chief minister Fabian Picardo, deputy chief minister Dr Joseph Garcia and attorney general Michael Llamas with the UK foreign secretary Liz Truss.

Although no details were released of the content of the discussions, the Gibraltar delegation said afterwards that the meeting had been productive and constructive. Other meetings about the negotiations with the EU also took place during the two-day visit to London.

There has been no final date set for the negotiations to be completed, although Gibraltar and the EU would like agreement can be reached before the end of this year if possible. It is now nearly a year since Gibraltar, the UK and Spain drew up their agreement in principle which would serve as the framework for the forthcoming negotiations. It included the proposal that Gibraltar should have tailormade access to the Schengen Zone, with the external Schengen border being moved from the existing land border to the airport and port, and manned by the EU’s Frontex force rather than Spanish security forces, as that was a red line that Gibraltar was not prepared to cross.

Any agreement about Gibraltar’s relationship with the EU post-Brexit would cover a great many other aspects as well and it still remains to be seen whether or not there is enough common ground for the Treaty, which would be between UK and EU because the UK is responsible for Gibraltar’s foreign affairs, to be finalised.