Fabian Picardo addressing guests at the reception at the Shard. / SUR

Gibraltar Day celebrated in London for first time in three years

Chief minister Fabian Picardo spoke at the reception held in the Shard building


For the first time in three years because of the coronavirus pandemic, Gibraltar Day was held in London this week and at an evening reception at the Shard the chief minister, Fabian Picardo, stressed the importance of the continuing strong ties between Gibraltar and the UK.

Referring to Gibraltar as having "one of the most stable governments in Europe", and that in turbulent times "there is nothing better for one of the smallest of the European territories than stability, efficiency and strong international relationships," he said he was proud that the relationship with the UK is stronger than ever and that is where Gibraltar also hoped to position its future relationship with the EU and neighbouring Spain.

Whitehall and Brussels have deployed all necessary resources for the negotiations to be a success, he said, and he is still optimistic of an agreement within weeks.