Gibraltar calls for blood donors as part of its Brexit contingency plans

Members of the public are being asked to come forward and register, as the GHA aims to be self-sufficient for blood stocks


The Gibraltar Health Authority is asking people to come forward and register their interest to donate blood, as part of its Brexit contingency planning to increase blood stock levels locally. The GHA’s blood department is also currently contacting all existing blood donors to begin with apheresis. This is a process where the blood is passed through a machine that separates platelets and then returns the remaining blood back into the donor. The GHA purchased a Fresenius Apheresis machine over a year ago and has also trained a number of Senior Donor Carers to harvest platelets locally.

Members of the public can register as blood donors by email to or by phone on 20072266 ext. 2252 between 8am and 4pm Monday - Friday.

The Director of Nursing and Ambulance Services, Sandie Gracia, says “It is very important that Gibraltar becomes self-sufficient when it comes to blood donations. I strongly encourage all of our existing and new donors to come forward and donate blood. This will help us save lives. Remember, it could be your neighbour, family or friend who may need your blood. Donate blood, save a life”.