Covid isolation period in Gibraltar to be reduced to five days from Thursday 1 September

This is a more conservative policy to that of UK but Public Health Director Dr Helen Carter says it is more appropriate for a close and densely-populated community like Gibraltar


On the advice of Gibraltar's Director of Public Health, Dr Helen Carter, the government is reducing the self-isolation period for positive cases of Covid-19 to 5 days from Thursday 1 September, with the day of the positive test result counting as Day 0.

Anyone who still tests positive on Day 5 must continue to self-isolate and test on subsequent days they test negative or reach Day 10 of self-isolation.

Dr Carter said: "I am delighted to have been able to advise the government to reduce the self-isolation period to 5 days. This is possible due to the low prevalence of Covid-19 in our community at this time. It is still also a more conservative policy to that in the UK but one which I feel is more appropriate for a close and densely populated community like Gibraltar. I would like to remind the public that although we are in a far better position, Covid still exists and people should continue to remain aware of the symptoms and take a test if they feel they might be contracting the virus".