The exercise will take place on the northern side of the runway between noon and 3pm. D. bartlett
Gibraltar to hold air crash disaster exercise on Wednesday

Gibraltar to hold air crash disaster exercise on Wednesday

There will be increased emergency activity on the airfield and sirens will be heard but the government says there is no need for alarm

Debbie Bartlett


Monday, 21 November 2022, 16:47


The Gibraltar government has warned that a Live Air Crash Disaster Exercise will be carried out on the northern side of the runway on Wednesday 23 November, between midday and 3pm.

The exercise is being carried out by the government's Civil Contingencies in conjunction with the Ministry of Defence and will test plans and capabilities if there were to be an air accident or an incident at RAF Gibraltar.

The crash will be simulated on the airfield so the public may see increased emergency activity at the scene, but there is no need to be alarmed by the sound of sirens in the area and in particular the activity between the airport runway and St Bernard’s hospital.

Winston Churchill Avenue will briefly be closed to allow safe access to the airfield for emergency crews. Drivers are encouraged to plan extra times for their journey.

Samantha Sacramento, the minister responsible for Civil Contingencies, said it is important that regular training and exercises take place to test Gibraltar’s preparedness to respond to a major incident.

"The success of this exercise will depend on having the right capabilities and establishing a strong line of communication at the operational, tactical and strategic command levels to work collaboratively with the common goal of saving lives," she said.

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